Myanmar Online Casino Sexy baccarat is a simple card game in which the “Player” and the “Banker” are dealt with cards; the aim of the game is to wager which hand will score closest to 9. The aim of Baccarat is to anticipate which hand will win, either the “Player” hand or the “Banker” hand. The score of a hand is the sum of all cards modulo 10, to clarify, any score which exceeds 10, only the right most number is counted. For example, a hand scores 15 is worth 5, a hand scores 10 is worth zero. The best possible score is 9. Jumbo Baccarat allows side wagers for “Pair” and “Tie” results. “Pair” means the first two cards of either the Player hand or the Banker hand are the same, for example 10, 10 or K, K. A “Tie” is declared when the “Player” and the “Banker” hands have equal score. On the event of a Tie, all wagers on the “Player” or the “Banker” will be returned to the player. Player can only place bets during the betting period. If an interruption occurs during the game play and the game result can be determined, the player is paid accordingly; otherwise the game is void. In the event of a void game, all bets will be returned to the player. All wins shown in credits.

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